Board Information

Board Info

At the Annual AOSR Corporations, reports are made by the Chair of the Board, Head of School and the Treasurer. The Treasurer presents and explains the financial statement and new members are elected. On the right you will find previous assembly minutes and audited accounts.

Board Member Election

Board members are actively sought with the skills and experience necessary to enable AOSR to fulfill its mission and strategic plan. The Governance Committee is tasked with identifying the skills required then, through contacts with parents, the community and the schools administration; they identify individuals who can fulfil the requirement.

The Board tries to ensure that it is balanced on gender and nationality, reflecting the school’s student make up. Individuals with a wide range of backgrounds are on the Board, from financial management, business, architecture and design, human resources, academia, security and diplomacy. As an American school, there is a strong US Embassy membership.

Becoming a Board Member

All prospective Board members are asked to commit fully to the Board code of conduct. This refers to the support and promotion of the school at all times., the commitment to AOSR’s long term sustainable future, representing accurately its mission and vision and taking care to separate the interests of the school from the specific needs of a child or constituency.

Anyone interested in becoming a Board member should contact:

  • The Head of School, Dr. Kristen DiMatteo, at kdimatteo@ OR

  • The Board Chair at

Committees and Task Forces of the Board

There are 4 standing committees of the Board. The Board also establishes task forces over the course of the year, which focus on specific time limited tasks. They may include: Campus Enhancement, Risk Management, Security (Physical and Cyber)

The 4 Board committees are:

  • Executive

  • Finance

  • Governance

  • Development